Sage's House Cleaning, LLC.



We Service East Tucson, Sabino Canyon, Foothills, Rita Ranch and Vail
We provide customized cleaning, and the same one or two-person team comes to your home each time.
You can have us do all of the following services or just choose one or more from the list below:

Thoroughly dust all furniture, shelves, knic-knacs, blinds, window sills, top of refridgerator, ceiling fans, and light fixtures

Thoroughly vacuum, including corners, behind and under furniture, and window and sliding door tracks

Disinfectant cleaning of bathrooms and kitchen

Put dirty dishes in dishwasher and put clean dishes away

Polish mirrors and glass top tables

Polish wood furniture

Oil kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Remove all trash and place in outside garbage receptacles (all trash bags are securely tied closed)

Mop bare floors

Make beds

Wash, dry and fold laundry

Clean windows and blinds

Clean pet bowls and mat, put fresh water in their bowls

Sweep outside front entry and area outside sliding glass doors

Organizing and Tips on Decorating

Referral for reliable pet sitting

Please call us at 520-437-3339 for additional information and specials on all services, or send us an email on our Free Quote page.
Sage's House Cleaning

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Sage's Housecleaning

Sage's Housecleaning

Sage's Housecleaning

Sage's Housecleaning