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Sage Boyd, the founder of Sage's House Cleaning, started cleaning houses by accident! She used to do part-time pet sitting for her daughter's company, Doggie Diva Pet Care, and one day a client who was stressed with a work deadline and a spouse who was coming home that evening from a long out-of-the-country business trip, asked her if she had time to clean his house! She was surprised by the request, but he was a friend and she had the time, so she got busy. She enjoyed it too!

"Well, I am an artist at heart," Sage comments, "and it felt very creative to restore the beauty to his home by just doing a little polishing and cleaning----you know the 'sparkle and shine'!"

Her client's better half liked it too, and before she knew it, Sage had a regular customer, and then referrals, and referrals from referrals. Over and over, Sage would hear that people loved the thoroughness of the cleaning and the respect shown for their things. Pretty soon she got so busy that friends and family started helping her. A business was born!

At SHC, we are happy doing what we do, because we understand how happy it makes our clients and how they appreciate having the burden of cleaning taken off their shoulders. We look forward to providing that happiness for you!

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