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At Sage's House Cleaning we understand that your home is your sanctuary. We realize that when you walk into your home after a long, busy and often stressful day at work, you are in need of an environment that allows you to relax, put the day's work behind you, and enjoy being with your loved ones.

 Our purpose at SHC is to provide the highest quality Tucson house cleaning. Our Tucson maid service will make your home sparkle and shine! Our hallmark is attention to detail, from thorough dusting to immaculate bathrooms (we even clean the little faucet and pipe behind the toilet!), to cleaning the baseboards, the ceiling fans, and yes, the smudges on the windows. If you like, we will wash, dry and fold your laundry! It is our joy to be house cleaning Tucson!

We are Tucson cleaners and we love what we do. Here's why: When making your bed with fresh clean sheets, we imagine how nice it's going to feel for you when you climb into bed that night---that's what inspires us to make your bed like a work of art. We picture how good it's going to feel when you step into an immaculate shower and smell a fresh, clean bathroom that looks beautiful with neatly folded towels and a sparkling mirror. We know you want to open a nice clean microwave and cook on a stovetop that looks new. And after dinner, you'll be able to put the dinner dishes into an empty dishwasher!

 Here at SHC communication is key. When Sage comes to your home for a complimentary consultation and quote, she takes detailed notes on what your expectations are. She will go through your home with you, room by room and ask specific questions about what you want us to do. Back at the office, this information is recorded and taken with us when we show up to clean, to be sure we don't miss a thing!

The same two people come to clean your home each time. They are carefully trained and supervised by Sage. Having satisfied customers is the most important thing to us.

We are a local-grown company with no franchise dictates or expenses, which allows us to give customized service at a reasonable price. We service East Tucson, Vail and Corona de Tucson. We can provide references of satisfied customers on request. We are bonded, insured and licensed. So if you are googling Tucson house cleaning, house cleaning Tucson, Tucson cleaners, Tucson maid service or any other cleaning services, Sage's House Cleaning's hallmark is thoroughness and attention to detail every time we clean! Our joy is house cleaning Tucson!

 Thank you for visiting our website! Feel free to browse, call us at 520-437-3339, or email us on the Request a Quote page.

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Sage's House Cleaning,

Tucson house cleaning Tucson cleaners Tucson maid service 520-437-3339
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Tucson house cleaning Tucson cleaners Tucson maid service 520-437-3339